CommitChange is a social venture designed to help worthy causes increase their online fundraising. We understand that people are at the heart of all positive change, and that having an impact requires resources; so it’s our job to connect good people with the technology and education they need to fund their objectives. Sometimes this is as simple as upgrading their donation forms — but often it requires jumping into the trenches with organizations, training their team, collaborating on new solutions, and problem solving along the way. We will never be “just another company” and we’ll never prioritise profit above the wellbeing of our partners.

Our values are simple: We believe in the inherent worth an dignity of all people, and that respect is at the heart of all healthy relationships. We believe that children are our society’s most precious resource, that our natural environment is sacred, and that equality is possible.

The people who work at CommitChange come from all walks of life, and we value that diversity as a strength rather than a weakness or a burden. Our differing perspectives can lead to challenging conversations and decisions — but we support each other and work through obstacles with compassion, and in collaboration.