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  • Making the Most of a Last Minute Campaign

    Has the Giving Season snuck up on you? Maybe your organization is small and your team is juggling too much, or maybe you’ve sworn off of Giving Tuesday only to experience fear of missing out as it approaches.  Whatever the reason you haven’t started planning your campaign until a week before Giving Tuesday, all is […]

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  • Using Donor Insights for Giving Tuesday Success

    Making sure that your donor data is clean and organized can be a large project, but it is key to putting together email and social media campaigns that work. If you haven’t already cleaned up your database, now is the time to merge duplicates, update your email lists, and make sure that you can access […]

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  • Diving Deeper Into Giving Tuesday

    My advice to nonprofit professionals is to create a “fundraising ecosystem,” and Giving Tuesday is the perfect vehicle to do so. Giving Tuesday is a short-term, standalone campaign with massive branding recognition and a way for a wider supporter-base to discover your nonprofit. Instead of treating your social media presence as a one-stop promotion shop […]

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